Gabrielle Macafee Music

Have Your Heart - The Making

The setting sun was beating down on my back as I walked home from work. My sunglasses sat on the bridge of my nose, collecting sweat and protecting my dignity from strangers as my eyes stung with tears. 

I counted my steps in an attempt to distract myself from the buzz of anxiety sitting in my stomach. The feeling of my heels hitting the pavement ran up to my jaw, forcing me to confront that buzz - resulting in "Have Your Heart." 

The line "let me write your history" made its way to the front of my mind first. That idea is kind of romantic in that one person has the ability to consume you and define your interpretation of love, life, even how you perceive yourself. On the other hand this idea alludes to the fact that there is an end, because history is in the past. 
Building a song around that line caused me to write from a place of selfishness and inadequacy. Selfish in a sense that I want to have already arrived without experiencing growing pains. I want love but I don't want the tough parts. 
I kept the chords simple throughout the verses so the repetitive, childish urgency behind the "I want" phrases would stand out. 
The end of the song - where I pulled the song title from - was all ad lib. I had nothing written down or in my head, so I just sang.
To be honest with you, I never know how to end any damn song I write, and that certainly was not going to change with this one. 
Anyway - I wanted to portray inadequacy in the way I felt it. I am lucky to have the greatest love I could ask for, but I can't seem to give enough - being 1,200 miles away from him. So the line "Let me have your heart, I'll give nothing in return but let me have your heart" is my way of saying, "ZACHARY, YOU HAVE CHANGED THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT EXISTENCE, LOVE, PASSION, AND EVEN HOW I LISTEN TO MUSIC - I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GIVE ENOUGH BACK, BUT LOVE ME ANYWAY!!" 
(Big subtweet)

A couple more things:
- Have Your Heart's vocal track was a one-take thing. It felt alright, so I let it be. 
- production skills are so beneath sub-par (this is not me being down on myself, I just need a producer) So Jack Antonoff, if you're reading this, HELP. ME. PLEASE. 
- Thank you for all of your support and love.. you guys are the greatest. I love you.
- The single will be out tomorrow, 06.16.17.

I cannot wait for you to hear this one, as this is entirely myself as an artist.