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Folk Pop Is Still Cool - "As The Sun Rises" Review


By: Gabrielle Macafee

In the first chord of “As The Sun Rises,” Jasper In The Company Of Others ushers in summer with an explosion of color and sound. With influences clearly drawn from the likes of John Mayer, Mumford and Sons, and Kings of Leon, I would not be surprised to see Jasper and The Company Of Others climb the charts – especially with the release of this new single. Jasper Malone’s articulate delivery creates an underlying energy throughout the song that makes the single instantaneously memorable. Jasper In The Company Of Others proves that folk-pop can still be done well with “As The Sun Rises.”

The five-piece band’s chemistry is evident even in a recording, which is a rare occurrence. Songs in this vein often carry the possibility of becoming too sonically dense; but in this case, the percussive melodies and full drums compliment each other rather than compete. This is all due to the cohesive nature of the band – just five excellent musicians who love their art and want to perfect it. Lyrically, the verses explore uncertainty, while the choruses erupt into displays of bravery and confidence. Although the song is short, it manages to pack a punch and establish a place in the listener’s ear – all under three minutes

Jasper Malone is the face of the band and handles the lead on this single very well. His voice – full of warmth and grit – is comparable to the ones heard on indie radio today. Malone makes his own mark on “As The Sun Rises” by using powerful lyrical delivery and an impressive range without challenging the melodic structure of the song.

Beyond the U.K.-based band’s stellar new single, their live performances showcase their true talent as artists even further. I was most impressed by their Sofar Sounds performances, where their enigmatic personalities almost outshone their excellent musicianship.

But their musicianship is what is propelling the band forward into inevitable success, even beyond the U.K. With their new single, “As The Sun Rises,” these guys are taking a moment to celebrate life by inviting their listeners along for the ride.

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