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Step Into It.


This is real. Not a high school daydream, not a motivational thought, real. From the moment my 16 year old self first laid eyes on the Manhattan skyline, I knew I had to be part of it. 

Now, I’m here. Not part of “it” yet, but I am here. This magnificent beast of a city hasn't found a definitive place for me yet, but I intend on changing that by making my own space. I’m writing this from the window of a coffee shop next to my building. The rain has stopped, darkness is making it’s way above the buildings, and I’m soaking everything in. I love watching the people walk by. Some walk with effortless confidence; cigarettes loosely hanging between two fingers, long strides, and stoic faces. Others scurry by with furry coat hoods haloing their faces, with sheer determination propelling them forward. Garbage accumulates on the sidewalk, gets rained on, and sidestepped by these determined pedestrians. This isn't the New York City I romanticized as a teenager, this is New York City presented holistically. 

I’ve only been here a few days, but I am so eager to become familiar with the city. It’s like falling in love- I romanticized it at first, but experiencing it is unlike anything I have ever imagined.

I’m lucky enough to be in love with someone who is supportive of me and my crazy, cliched, dreams. I keep falling for him, even with 1,000 miles of distance between us. 

So yes, this city is love. It’s every emotion you will ever feel, and every person you will ever meet. 

I’m so excited to feel all of it. 

I promise, this blog will get better in time. I’ll be funny. I’ll have some crazy stories. But I’m getting to know you, and you’re getting to know me.

And I’m getting to know New York. 


Thanks for reading & stay tuned.