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Entering a dream with The Talk's new Single

The Talk finds nostalgia through melodic texture and conversational lyrics in their new single “Shake Alone.” Without hesitation, the five-piece band introduces themselves as a promising force in the indie rock genre. Lead singer Seth Walton’s effortless vocals possess an ethereal quality - and when layered over ambient guitar lines make for a dreamy sonic experience. However, the song is truly driven by the masterful rhythms from the drummer and bassist. “Shake Alone” is like an easy conversation with an old friend over a beer – familiar, warm, and you don’t want it to end.

By creating a music video equally dreamy as the single itself, The Talk is clearly a band with a clear artistic vision in mind. With influences from The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Stone Roses, the band is heading in the right direction. Hopefully “Shake Alone” will inspire an EP, but for now we’ll hold tight to this beautiful bit of nostalgia.

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