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Review of The Further - "The Other Side of the Valley"

"The Other Side of the Valley" by The Further encapsulates every nuance of love and loss in a stunning single. The three piece band, (Peter – bass and vocals, Barrington – guitar, and James - drums), explores heartbreak as something beautiful, rather than something bitter or angry. The Further’s sound is reminiscent of Elliott Smith and The Smiths – melancholic with melodic instrumentation. Simplicity and imagery cause the lyrics to find fluid motion within the song, while the dramatic instrumentation supports the story.  Listening to this piece was like reading a letter -- a letter I did not want to put down. The imagery in the chorus is precise and intentional. It transcends the metaphorical into something physical, something tangible. The listener cannot help but form the chorus’s scene in his or her mind. A clean guitar line throughout the song lays down a simple, reliable rhythm that the rest of the instrumentation floats on. The Further created a profound masterpiece with an unshakeable melody, proving that sincerity is not always compromised when memorability is introduced.


Listen to The Further’s new single, "The Other Side of the Valley" here:

Watch the beautiful video for the Other Side of the Valley, shot in Norway by Andre Hope, here: